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Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generators to Buy in 2022

Are you thinking to invest your money in buying a good generator or converting your single fuel generator (diesel, gas, propane, etc) to a dual fuel inverter generator?

If yes, the wait is over, here are the best dual fuel inverter generators for you. After using Dual fuel inverter generator my life becomes easy. If you are looking for fuel-efficiency or planning to through a huge party at a special venue for someone special then this type of generator will favorite as I used it for my anniversary at the sea site. we just enjoyed the whole night.

The dual-fuel inverter generators are a lot more fuel-efficient. The best dual fuel inverter generators save up to 40% fuel and run for up to 10 hours or more. They are much smaller and compact. Moreover, the dual-fuel inverter generators are quieter than most other generators as well.

The Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator On The Market Today

1: Champion Power Equipment 200914 4250-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Open Frame Technology

The champion dual fuel generator is the second-largest dual fuel inverter generator on our list, after Westinghouse igen4500df. Its weight is around 90 pounds, which is not really that heavy. The generator comes with both options, the Electric start key or recoil, which helps start the unit in no time. This generator is straightforward to use. We highly recommend it to people looking for generators that are easy to use and start quickly.

champion dual fuel inverter generator

This generator provided us with a very clean power supply; thus, we could safely power our devices without damaging any of them. There were USB ports present on the panel, which proved to be very useful as we could easily charge our phones. It is also a very powerful dual-fuel generator.

The generator provided us with a running output power of up to 3500 watts. Moreover, it ran smoothly for more than 22 hours on gasoline. This is a remarkable performance, in our humble opinion. However, that is not all; good features keep on going in this unit. The unit has an offer of an optional parallel kit that will allow you to add two extra 3000-watt or higher inverter generators.


  • Running Watts 3500
  • Starting Watts 4250
  • Engine Type Generac OHV
  • Engine Displacement 212cc
  • Eco-mode for better fuel efficiency
  • The low 64-dBA noise level
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 4 gallons
  • Run Time(gasoline): 22 Hours


  • Powerful
  • long run time
  • clean power supply
  • quiet
  • portable
  • Eco-mode
  • 3-year warranty


  • no low oil shut-off

2: Champion Power Equipment 100402 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator,Parallel Ready

This champion dual fuel inverter generator is easy to use and lightweight. With little to no effort, we easily operated this unit right out of the box on gasoline and later propane. The EZ Start Dial has a fantastic feature that made starting the engine effortless for us. If you have experienced confusion while starting any generator, worry not because there will be no confusion with this generator. Another thing that impressed us was how quickly we could switch from gasoline to propane by turning the dial.

 good Dual Fuel inverter generator

Like us, if you live in any place with very cold winters, this is an excellent generator for you. This is because of its Cold Start Technology. We did not have to try warming up the engine or struggle to start it in cold weather. It started quickly and effortlessly. Only people who have experienced very cold winters will understand how important this feature can be. No one wants to freeze outside!

Since this is a Small Dual Fuel Inverter Generator weighing 46.7 pounds only, its fuel tank is also small. It will require refilling depending on your usage. However, refueling in the dark is not much of a hustle with this unit. It’s because it has a push-button LED built-in handle, which was very convenient when refueling. Moreover, we also tested the Smart Economy Mode, which increased engine life and fuel efficiency quite a bit. It did so by reducing the load.


  • Gasoline peak Watts 2000W and running Watts 1600W
  • Propane peak Watts 1800W and running Watts 1440W
  • Very quiet with noise level 53.0dBA
  • Engine Type: 80cc 4-stroke
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 1.1 gallons
  • Low Oil Shut-Off


  • quick and easy switching between fuels
  • cold start technology
  • small and lightweight
  • LED built-in the handle
  • clean power supply
  • Smart Eco Mode
  • Quiet
  • portable
  • free lifetime support


  • small fuel tank

3: Westinghouse iGen4500DF – Quietest Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Here is our Westinghouse igen4500df review, one of the most popular dual-fuel inverter generators. The igen4500df runs smoothly on both gasoline and propane. It gave us a running output power of up to 3700 watts. Along with that, in our experience, it ran very smoothly for up to 18 hours which is mind-blowing. This unit is so smooth like butter! It provided us with such clean power, and it did not damage even the most sensitive devices like LCD TV, laptop, and Smartphones. A robust generator that provides clean power along with such a long run time is a catch.

Besides the usual Push-Start and the very convenient Electric Start, it also has a wireless remote start feature. This, our friends, make our lives so much easier. Just click the buttons on your wireless remote to ignite the engine, easy peasy! What’s remarkable is that it is just like how you would unlock your car. However, the igen4500df has a lot more convenient features up its sleeves.

In addition, the LED Data Center continuously displayed the percentage of available watts and other real-time information, which was very useful. There are so many unique features in this unit that other such units do not have. No wonder it is so popular.

It has a weight of up to 104.7 pounds, and it was effortless to transport. The wheels were also pretty good quality and didn’t go flat, no matter the pressure. It is such a compact unit that you will want to bring it everywhere with you. Perfect for powering your home, office, or even a camping trip. Not to mention how quiet it is. It is also one of the quietest dual-fuel inverter generators. It is pretty quiet with as low as 52 dBA and a double insulation enclosure.


  • Gasoline Peak Watts 4500 and Running Watts 3700
  • Propane Peak Watts 4050 Running Watts 3330
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 3.4 gal. (12.8 L)
  • Gasoline Run Time @ 25%: 18 hrs.
  • Propane Run Time @ 25%: 22 hrs.
  • Starter Type: Electric, Remote, Recoil
  • Engine: 224cc OHV 4 Stroke
  • Economy Mode: Yes
  • Automatic Low Oil Shutdown


  • Powerful
  • long run time
  • wireless remote
  • LED data center
  • portable
  • very quiet
  • low oil shutdown
  • Big fuel tank
  • clean power supply


  • Little Heavy/li>

4: DuroMax XP2200EH- Best cheap Dual fuel Inverter Generator

We put this generator on our list as a budget option. This one is one of the best cheap dual fuel inverter generators. An affordable unit, but it still provides a good experience with its good performance. The XP2200EH is a very lightweight unit, weighing only 46 pounds.

This, like all others on our list, is very easy to transport. You can take this with you anywhere, on an outdoor trip. You can also use it on jobs. The dual-fuel technology makes it very convenient, fill whatever you can have at the time.

However, let us talk about power. It supplied us with up to 1800 watts of running output power. Pretty good for the size. Most importantly, the power it provided us was clean and stable. Perfect for operating sensitive electronic devices. You do not want to damage your precious and expensive devices; at least we don’t. It also had different modes that helped us save fuel. Therefore it was fuel-efficient as well.

DuroMax XP2200EH- Best cheap Dual fuel Inverter Generator

At a 50% load, the generator ran for up to 7 hours on gasoline and up to 19 hours on propane. It has a very good performance, for its price. you can easily power the basic necessities of your home with this unit. A fridge, some LED lights, and the air-conditioner can all be powered by this unite. Moreover, it is also a very quiet unite, so you will not have to worry about noise disturbance.


  • Peak Watts 2,200 on Gasoline and Running Watts 1,800
  • Peak Watts 2090 on Propane and Running Watts 1710
  • Engine: 79cc, 4-Cycle Air-Cooled Spark-Ignition
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Gasoline): 1.2 gal
  • Suggested Tank Size (Propane): 20 lbs
  • Runtime (Gasoline) at 50% Load: 6.78 hrs
  • Runtime (Propane) at 50% Load: 19.08 hrs
  • Start Type: Recoil
  • Volume Level: 61 dB


  • affordable
  • small and lightweight
  • portable
  • clean power supply
  • fuel-efficient
  • quiet
  • long run time on propane


  • small fuel tank capacity

5: Pulsar PG2200BiS 2,200 Watt – Dual Fuel Quiet Inverter Generator

The Pulsar PG2200BiS is also one of the quietest dual fuel inverter generators on our list. Note that all of our generator choices in this list a quiet, and that is on purpose. Loud generators with ugly noises create so much disturbance. We have first-hand experience with them. Therefore, we do not compromise on all of the little details. However, quietness is only a secondary feature.

Let us talk about the main features of this unit. This generator gave us a running output power of up to 1800 watts. Moreover, it ran up to 8 hours at 50% load. This is impressive, considering it’s a small generator. It is a highly lightweight unit with a weight of only 44 pounds. This might be the smallest dual fuel inverter generator on our list. This is the perfect unit for easy and effortless transportation. Therefore, you can enjoy power on your outdoor trips like camping, hiking, fishing, and any other trip.

dual Fuel inverter generator

A handy USB direct port was also available with which we could charge our phones. We didn’t have to refill the unit that often because it has a fuel tank capacity of 1.18 gallons. Which might look small, but so is the generator itself!

It ran smoothly and provided us with very clean power. A safe and clean power is an essential feature. You might have noticed that all our generators have this feature. This is because we are continuously using sensitive electronic devices, like LEDs, Mobiles, Laptops. And I can’t even tell you how many times my LED TV was damaged because of an unclean and unstable power supply. However, all the units we have in this article provide clean power so that you can rest assured.


  • 2,200 Peak Watts and 1,800 Running Watts (GAS)
  • 2,000 Peak Watts and 1,600 Running Watts (LPG)
  • Engine: 80cc, 3HP, Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, OHV, Air Cooled Engine
  • Inverter Technology with Parallel capability
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Stable Sine Wave to Use w/ Sensitive Electronic Equipment
  • 1.18 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • 8 hours of run time at a 50% load on a single tank of gasoline
  • Recoil Start
  • Low Oil Indicator and Low Oil Shutdown


  • low oil shut off
  • long run time
  • lightweight and compact
  • portable
  • quiet
  • clean power supply


  • small fuel tank


Buying Guide for Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Hopefully, you have read about our dual fuel inverter generator reviews. Now you must be familiar with all the good and bad features in a dual-fuel inverter generator. However, if you are still confused, then worry not! Because we have a buying guide ready for you, so you can choose the right generator for yourself.


The first thing that should come to your mind is that what size of generator do you need. Size is a very important factor to consider when buying a generator. There are many different sizes in which the generators are available. The sizes of the generator determine its other factors as well. these factors may include the fuel-tank size, engine, power outage, price, maintenance, and others. If you buy a smaller one. then you will be compromising on the output power; however, if you do not need a large amount of power, you should be fine. It all depends on what you need and what you can afford.

Some people need large dual-fuel inverter generators because they need to power large places, like big houses. Others might need a small dual fuel inverter generator, because they have a small place, or they need portable ones for trips like camping. Moreover, some people have a certain budget that they can buy it with. Large dual fuel inverter generators are more expensive than smaller ones. Therefore, they are many different factors that depend on this factor, which is why it is very crucial to consider.

Additionally, the size of the generator will directly affect the weight of the generator. Hence, if you buy a large generator, it is going to be pretty heavy and bulky. In this case, you need to consider if you will be moving the unit often or using it in a fixed place. If a lot of moving of the unit is involved, then a more bulky size is not the ideal one. This is because you do not want back pain from dragging the large machine everywhere.


2.Fuel Capacity

Another important factor is the fuel capacity of the generator. The fuel capacity is basically how big or small the fuel tank is. The smaller fuel tank means very little fuel capacity. why is that important? This is important to consider because less fuel capacity means that you will run out of fuel quickly and the running time of the generator will be very little. This means that you will need to refuel the generator repeatedly, which can be a hustle in itself. It is worth noting that the size of the fuel tank will also somehow affect the size and cost of the generator. A Large generator will have a larger fuel tank and it will also be expensive.


3.Output Power

Another crucial factor is considering the output power of the generator. It is measured in the unit Watts. The Power output of the generator is shown by the peak power and running output power. The peak watts is the highest value of power that the generator can provide while operating. However,  the running output watts is the average power that it produces while operating.

Dual Fuel inverter generators have two different fuels; therefore, these values double. this means that there are two different peak power values and two different running output power values for each of the fuels. These values will differ depending on the fuels and the manufactures as well. You need to have a minimum output power value in mind that the generator you will buy must have. An easy way to calculate that is to add up the power consumption (watts) of all the devices that you will be using on the generator.  this will give you the minimum power requirement, now just look for generators that meet your needs.


4. Starting Mechanism

The starting mechanism of a generator can be an important factor for some, while not so much for others. However, in our point of view, it is a factor worth considering. There are two main types of starting mechanisms. There is a recoil cord and the other is the electric start switch. The recoil cord needs a lot more effort to start, you need to pull it hard with strength. This type of starting mechanism requires not just more effort, but also more time.

On the other hand, the electric start switch is an easy way to start the generator, just flip a switch or press the button and it’ll start. this type of method requires a little extra electricity, therefore a small internal battery is added for this feature. However, this feature will not work if the internal battery’s charging runs out!

It depends on what you need or wants in your generator, a recoil cord, electric start switch, or both. Generators with both the features also come. however, we would recommend that people who live in places with freezing winters buy a generator with an electric start switch. this will be very convenient because no one wants to freeze out in winter trying to start a generator.


5.Noise Level

Most dual fuel Inverter generators are actually not that noisy compared to the non-inverter ones. However, that does not mean that they are not noisy at all. The one thing that is annoying about a generator is the noise pollution it creates. While some people might get used to the noise, others are pretty sensitive to it. Therefore, you need to decide whether you want a quiet generator or you are okay with a noisy one. Some people live in a neighborhood where it might create a very unpleasant environment for the neighbors because of the loud noise. In these cases, you might consider getting a quiet dual fuel inverter generator. In our list of best dual fuel inverter generators, all the generators are very quiet and peaceful.



Lastly, we have cost us our second factor to consider. It is obvious that we consider the price because everyone has their own budget that they can spend. Therefore, buying the right generator that is worth your hard-earned money is very important. When people are on a tight budget, they often end up buying the cheapest available stuff, which ends up being useless.

Even though you might have a tight budget, you should not buy the cheapest of the cheap generator. This is because, quality comes with a price; therefore, you cannot expect it to be even the slightest good. however, that does not mean that all cheap generators are bad. There are many budget-friendly options in the market like the one on our list as well. you just need to know the right features to look for!


The market has everything from best to worst, and you have to be smart and choose the right product for yourself. And this is why we have this buying guide made just for you, so you can buy the right dual fuel inverter generator. Hopefully, our list of best dual fuel inverter generators and our buying guide was helpful to you in any way. I hope you liked our article, which was written after immense hard work and research. If you want more information regarding generators then visit our blog!




What’s an Inverter Generator?

An Inverter Generator is different from a non-inverter generator because it first converts the AC current to DC current and then again converts it back into AC current. The inverter generator throttles the engine in an up and down. This mechanism results in much more fuel efficiency because of which you do not run out of fuel easily. Moreover, this type of generator is much quieter and gives out fewer emissions. overall, they are an advanced and much better unit than the non-inverter ones.

What is the best dual fuel inverter generator?

After thorough reviewing and researching, we have picked out our 5 best dual fuel inverter generators above. From all of them, the Champion 4250 Watt and the Westinghouse iGen4500DF dual fuel inverter generators are our favorite picks!

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